Smarter Living: Benefits of cooking with olive oil

Smarter Living: Benefits of cooking with olive oil (Image 1)

Olive oil contains many biologically active substances that have long been associated with better health. Now, there are even more studies supporting the heart health benefits of olive oil.

In the last year, there have been studies that link lower heart attack and stroke risk with olive oil consumption. Now there is even a study showing that olive oil can reduce certain heart rhythm disorders such as atrial fibrillation—the most common heart rhythm disorder.

Cooking with olive oil has many health benefits and WNCN’s health expert Dr. Kevin Campbell will tell us more about those, but first we’ll look at a local chef at Nina’s Ristorante who cooks with a special kind of olive oil.

Nina Psarros is the owner of Nina’s Ristorante and she comes from a long line of Italian chefs and cooking with olive oil is a family tradition.

She said that in Italy, “you would put (olive oil) in vats and people would come fill up.”

Psarros uses an extra special extra virgin olive oil. It comes all the way from her family’s olive grove and vineyard in Sicily where they only use two types of olives.

There’s a big difference in taste between olives and olive oils.

Nina’s olive oil passed the test. It was creamy, rich and healthy.

Psarros sells her specialty olive oil at her restaurant, but it’s so popular that there’s a waiting list.

For more, check out our video above.

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