Groundskeeper says Pinehurst helped her cope with loss of sister

Groundskeeper says Pinehurst helped her cope with loss of sister (Image 1)

Kaye Pierson plays an important part in the upkeep of Pinehurst’s famous No. 2 course.

She is up working on the course around 6 a.m. and cuts the grass several times a week using her golf cart as a mower.

She has worked at Pinehurst for 8 seasons after moving to the Sandhills when she and her sister discovered the area on a 2001 golf trip.

“It’s peaceful. It’s serene out here. I get to see the sunrise most days,” Pierson said.

She even jokes that her mower is her “office with nobody in it.”

Pierson is also an artist, both as a musician and a photographer, which used as a way to cope with the loss of her sister.

“About 5 years ago now I lost my sister to a brain tumor and hospice here was very instrumental in helping me heal through that; as was coming back out to work in this peaceful, serene, natural environment,” she said.

One cold January morning a year and a half ago, she used her cell phone to capture a stunning image of Pinehurst at daybreak that she allowed the resort to sell.

“It was just a red sky, sailor’s delight-type of morning,” she said. “There was a little bit of mist, so there was a little bit of natural elements that just adds to the shot.”

She added, “It basically went viral.”

“It was a gift,” she said — a gift she is sharing in memory of her sister. Proceeds from the sales of the print go to help the healing gardens at Hospice in Pinehurst.

Photography isn’t the only outlet for her art. She also makes her own music, and sees taking care of Pinehurst No. 2 as a work of art as well.

“I think there’s a rhythm and a focus to it. Repetitive, but there’s a rhythm to it of drop and lift as you go on and off the green, being careful not to scalp any areas you’re not supposed to cut,” she said.

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