Hardison & Cochran Doing Good: Raleigh Typhoon

Hardison & Cochran Doing Good: Raleigh Typhoon (Image 1)

What is the Raleigh Typhoon?

The heart of downtown Raleigh serves as the playing field for the Raleigh Typhoon scavenger hunt. The Typhoon is an urban adventure that tests your wits, stamina and sense of humor. More than a standard scavenger hunt, this unique expedition combines games, foot-racing and old-fashioned ridiculousness in this team-oriented adventure to win cash and prizes. Stay tuned for info on signing up for the 8th Raleigh Typhoon!


Save the Date: July 26, 2014. The greatest Saturday of the year!


Downtown Raleigh.


Form a team and register online! Secure a spot for your team early to avoid race-day registration craziness!  Online Registration ends on July 25 but you can still register and sign in, the day of the event at Tir Na Nog between 11am and 1:15pm.  Build an awesome team with 2-8 people, make sure someone has a smart device (with Internet capability, room for 50 pictures, a few videos, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter).  Register, sign in, get your clue list and then go and win!  Participants must be 21 & over.

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