Durham worker says he was let go after receiving back pay

Durham worker says he was let go after receiving back pay (Image 1)

A Durham man says he was let go by his employer after finally getting a paycheck that he’d waited six weeks to receive.

Dayeco Construction and Landscaping worker Michael David said he received his check Friday night after he told WNCN that he was owed more than six weeks of pay. Even though he’s supposed to be paid every two weeks, the check was for work he did at the Southside Revitalization project between June 1 and July 17.

“I enjoyed the job,” David said. “What I had to do for the job, I didn’t mind that at all. It’s the money issue.”

But David said he was told on Sunday that he no longer had a job because Dayeco “decided my services were no longer needed.”

David said he believes Dayeco let him go because he reached out to WNCN about the company’s money issues. A memo from Dayeco dated May 6 blamed “circumstances beyond our foreseeable control” for the delay; the memo also stated check distribution was “postponed.”

“I stood up, I spoke out,” David said. “I didn’t keep it in house, as they say.”

David’s former supervisor, Stan Wallace, said four men were let go, and the main reason for letting David go was because the company needed to downsize. Wallace explained there were not enough construction projects for all of the employees.

When asked whether David speaking to the media had anything to do with him being let go, Wallace said, “Well he was also looking for another job. Did he tell y’all that?”

“Look, we got to downsize anyway, so now’s the time,” Wallace said. “As far as I’m concerned, we’re not going to have people on the side just constantly creating more problems.”

WNCN checked with the North Carolina Department of Labor, who said that if David was let go for talking to the media, then he could have a case under the Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Act. He said he is looking for legal support to help him take the next step.

According to the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Bureau, Dayeco has been investigated 10 times since 2011. Two of those cases remain open.


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