Raleigh neighborhood hopes ‘nasty water’ clears up soon

Raleigh neighborhood hopes 'nasty water' clears up soon (Image 1)

A Raleigh neighborhood plagued with filthy drinking water is hoping to see some relief after a new, larger water tank was installed.

In April, neighbors in the Jordan Woods subdivision told WNCN about poor water conditions, even sharing a video of water as dark as oil gushing from a waterline.

“The water has gotten to the point where we’re not able to drink it,” Pam Strickland said at the time.

Holding up a bottle of water that looked more like a soda, neighbor Eve Hilton added, “We’re paying and we shouldn’t have to pay for this. … I can guarantee you that if it was their families in this area it would not have stayed like this.”

The water in Jordan Woods is operated by Carolina Water Systems, owned by Charlotte-based Utilities Inc., who said the discoloration was caused by high levels of manganese and iron. WNCN Investigates found found the company had been violating state standards for manganese for more than 20 years.

Utilities Inc. president Carl Daniel attributed to high levels of the metals to a tank that was too small for the all the homes in the neighborhood.

“We apologize for any inconvenience the manganese and iron has caused, but it is safe,” Daniel explained. He said the company planned to update the well and promised homeowners would have noticeably better water in 90 days.

On July 18, work was completed on the new 25,000-gallon treated water storage system, and new filters and pressure booster pumps were installed. Utilities Inc. said it also added another tank that would help flush the system.

“They put in a brand new system and I’m thankful for that,” Hilton said. “That was all because of you guys [WNCN] and the work that you did.”

WNCN checked the water on July 22 and found the water from the Hiltons’ home was still a light beige, but Utilities Inc. assured that it is still flushing the system and will continue to monitor the water quality.

“It’s a lot better than what we had,” Hilton said. “I’ll give it a month just to let any kind of sediment or anything settle back down.”

Utilities Inc. said it is mailing letters to the homeowners in Jordan Woods to let them know work is complete.


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