Wake Forest neighborhood says drinking water is ‘dirty’

Wake Forest neighborhood says drinking water is 'dirty' (Image 1)

People living in a Wake Forest community say the water that comes out of their faucets is anything but clean.

Neighbors in the Crescent Ridge neighborhood say their water is discolored and often leaves behind a trail of sediment in their bathtubs and appliances.

“Some days we’ll get relatively clear water, but you just don’t know until you turn on the tap,” said Wendy Callahan, who lives in a home off Ormand Way.

Callahan shared pictures with WNCN Investigates that show bath tubs filled with dark brown water and discolored glasses of drinking water.

“My oldest stepdaughter said something today, ‘Are people even supposed to be able to drink from the tap?’ Because it’s never been something she could do here,” Callahan said.

She said it’s a problem her community has dealt with for years. Yet although the water looks dirty, Aqua North Carolina, who provides the community with water, said it is OK to drink.

“It’s definitely an aesthetic issue,” said Tom Roberts, president and COO of Aqua NC. “There might be a slight metallic taste to it, but it’s not health-based.”

In addition to flushing the system on a consistent basis, Roberts said Aqua NC takes other measures.

“We try to treat the most sufficient way we can,” Roberts said. “A lot of times that’s by adding a sequestrant, which is an additive that keeps it in suspension so it’s invisible to the customers.”

Roberts said a large filtration system could help the more than 100 homes in Crescent Ridge, but it would be costly.

“The expense is much more — both capital and operating — and causes a waste stream of sludge and backwash that we have to deal with,” Roberts said.

Although there are no plans to install any type of filtration system, Roberts said improvements to the community are not out of the question.

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