Durham Hillside High School trivia

Durham Hillside High School trivia (Image 1)

Hillside High School has always enjoyed huge support in Durham, with notable alums and enthusiastic crowds at its sporting events. It also has a strong arts and music program.

Hillside was once a black high school and is one of only five that remain today.

Here is some trivia about the school:


1. When did Hillside move to its new building?

2. Hillside basketball star John Lucas, who played at Maryland in the NBA, was terrific at another sport in high school. What was it?3

3. Basketball star Rodney Rogers was an All-America at Hillside and had such a great career at Wake Forest that the Deacons retired his number. What number did he wear for the Deacons?

4. Who won Hillside-Southern Durham game last season?

5. Singer Shirley Caesar went to Hillside high before launching a Grammy Award-winning career. What sort of music is Caesar’s speciality


1. 1995

2. Tennis

3. 54

4. Hillside won, 29-24

5. Gospel music

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