5 awful things you shouldn’t do on a plane

5 awful things you shouldn't do on a plane (Image 1)

Last week, we showed you photos of the crazy things people do on airplanes.

The snapshots were compiled and shared on the Passenger Shaming Facebook page, which was created by an ex-flight attendant who became fed up with bad behavior of airplane passengers.

Now, Passenger Shaming creator Shawn Kathleen (not her real last name) and other experts in the field are giving Yahoo.com their take about the five most outrageous things seen on planes.

1) Going barefoot. This really gets on Shawn Kathleen’s nerves, so much that an entire article about it called “Bare Feet on Planes – STOP THE MADNESS” (warning: profanity included in article) is posted on another website of hers, Rants of a Sassy Stew. Shawn Kathleen says going barefoot on a plane is “disrespectful and disgusting.”

2) Airborne pedicures. Yep, people really do it and Shawn Kathleen has the photos to prove it.

3) Changing a baby’s diapers on the plane. Just plain ick!

4) Smelly food. Turns out, passengers complain about this a lot.

5) Sex on a plane. An unwrapped condom is one of the photos included on the Passenger Shaming Facebook page. But, Shawn Kathleen told Yahoo that bathroom trysts do not bother her that much.

“I don’t care,” she says. “As long as they’re not bothering anybody, I’m like ‘I don’t see anything…’”

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