Duke Energy creates $10M fund for NC, SC waterways

Duke Energy creates $10M fund for NC, SC waterways (Image 1)

Duke Energy announced Wednesday that it was creating a $10 million Water Resources Fund to benefit waterways across North Carolina and South Carolina.

The fund will also be used to improve waterways downstream from Duke Energy operations that flow into neighboring states.

In addition to the Water Resources Fund, Duke Energy is investing $500,000 in enhancements to the Abreu-Grogan Park in Danville, Va., located on the Dan River.

“Our new Water Resources Fund reflects Duke Energy’s commitment to serving our local communities and producing and delivering energy in ways that protect the health of the environment,” said Lynn Good, Duke Energy’s president and CEO in a written release. “We are proud to be expanding our support for waterways in the Carolinas and throughout the region, and we look forward to helping local organizations have an even greater impact in protecting and enhancing our natural resources.”

The $10 million fund also includes $1.5 million for projects specifically in the Dan River Basin Region. In February, a massive coal ash spill coated 70 miles of the Dan River with toxic sludge.

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“Since the accident at our Dan River site, we’ve worked hard to strengthen our operations and to make things right – fixing the leak, cleaning the river and making sure the water quality remains safe. We have a long history of protecting the environment and doing the right thing for the customers and communities we serve. Our ongoing work and support of the Water Resources Fund are demonstrations of our commitment,” Good added.

Duke Energy is currently sampling water in the river as well as fish tissue in response to the spill.

The company has not said how much the cleanup in North Carolina will cost Duke Energy customers.

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