Raleigh parents capture drivers passing stopped school bus

Raleigh parents capture drivers passing stopped school bus (Image 1)

Raleigh parents want Wake County Schools to move a bus stop they call dangerous. They even captured video of drivers passing a stopped school bus.

Lisa Oakley said she and her husband, Craig Chandler, have been trying to get their child’s bus stop moved since the beginning of the school year.

The bus stop is on Falls of Neuse Road and Fairfax Drive in Raleigh.

Wake County Schools rejected the request last month to move the stop, saying it met its criteria.

“In order to maintain consistent and efficient bus service, a new stop will not be created,” Wake schools said in a letter.

The parents are appealing the Wake Schools decision.

“We go out with that video camera now because we want to catch this, so that we can say, ‘This needs to be stopped,'” Oakley said.

The video shows vehicles speeding by Carson Chandler’s school bus as it comes to a stop to pick up students.

On a single day in North Carolina, more than 3,000 cars passed stopped school buses, according to the state Department of Public Instruction.

Raleigh police gave parents a small dose of satisfaction as an officer waited for drivers to pass the stopped school bus.

“I’m really appreciative to the Raleigh Police Department for believing what we said and responding so quickly,” Oakley said.

But short of driving Carson Chandler to school, which they say they can’t do, they feel powerless.

“It’s enraging and incredibly scary because we have no control over it,” Oakley said.

WNCN has created a public service announcement for school bus traffic law education in partnership with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. The spot, titled “#BRAKE4BUSES,” addresses school bus traffic law violations.

It focuses on drivers illegally passing school bus stop arms, putting students in danger.


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