Raleigh’s Holderness Family spoofed on SNL

Raleigh's Holderness Family spoofed on SNL (Image 1)

A Raleigh family popular for its viral videos was spoofed on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live.

The Holderness Family has become an Internet sensation of sorts with music videos featuring the family of four. The family’s first video, “#XMAS JAMMIES,” which served as a year in review Christmas card to the tune of Will Smith’s “Miami,” has more than 15 million views on YouTube.

On Saturday, they were the subject of parody on Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary holiday episode.

Also recorded to the tune of “Miami,” SNL’s Tenderfield Family — which features Taran Killam as the dad and host Amy Adams as the mom — provides an overview of their year that includes Killam puking on the Today Show’s Matt Lauer and Adams starring in an HPV commercial.

On Sunday, the family responded the to spoof with praise saying, “We LOVE Saturday Night Live. LOVE. Obsessed. If we were only cool enough to stay awake for it we would have seen them spoof our video. THIS. MAKES. MY. LIFE.”

They added, “Except for the affair and sociopath children — this is pretty spot on.”

The Holderness’s most recent video is their 2014 Christmas car, “#Jammietime.” They will appear on a reality show airing on UP Entertainment beginning in February.

Penn Holderness is a former anchor for WNCN.

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