WNCN, La Conexion partner to spread #Brake4Buses message

WNCN, La Conexion partner to spread #Brake4Buses message (Image 1)

WNCN and La Conexion, the Triangle’s largest Hispanic newspaper, are proud to announce a new partnership to get the message out to #Brake4Buses.

The partnership’s goal is to reach the growing Spanish speaking population across the region.

The campaign in Spanish is “Pare por el bus,” which translates to “Stop for the bus.” It’s a phrase La Conexion hopes catches on.

La Conexion’s Executive Director Gonzalo Aguirre said the paper feels an obligation to inform and join the people.

“We are trying to communicate with them where it’s important to start taking care of or at least recognizing this issue,” Aguirre said.

Aguirre heard WNCN’s #Brake4Buses campaign at the same time that two Hispanic children being hit in Wilson County after a driver ignored a school bus stop arm.

In October, German Arroyo-Correo, 10, and his sister Areli-Arroyo Correo, 5, were hit by Marcos Santiago as the children tried to board their school bus.

The children were sent to UNC Hospital in serious condition. Both are now out of the hospital and continue to recover.

A neighbor Laura Lopez said the children’s mother watched in horror as they were hit.

“She was yelling and screaming. It was heartbreaking,” Lopez said.

In Raleigh, a neighborhood near Calvary Drive and Capital Blvd. is one of the most densely populated areas for Hispanic Families.

Lesly Diaz, who has a son and daughter who ride the bus, said although this neighborhood is highly Hispanic, drivers passing school buses is more than a Hispanic issue.

“At any moment a car can pass by here way too fast. I see all types of people speeding, not just Hispanics,” Diaz said.

For Aguirre, he hopes the #Brake4Buses message has a reach beyond even La Conexion’s 400,000 readers.

“We’re joining right now with WNCN, not just because of this topic but because we want to work together with the two communities. The Spanish speaking community and the English Speaking community,” he said.

La Conexion plans to make #Brake4Buses a year round campaign.


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