WNCN a proud sponsor of 2015 All American Marathon

WNCN a proud sponsor of 2015 All American Marathon (Image 1)

WNCN is proud once again to sponsor what is quickly becoming one of our community’s signature events.

The All American Marathon and Mike to Mike Half Marathon will start in downtown Fayetteville at Festival Park and end on base at Fort Bragg. The event is March 22 and includes full and half marathons, as well as a 5K.

Runners will enjoy a scenic route showcasing many of the city’s historic landmarks, including the North Carolina Veterans Park. At the Airborne and Special Operations Museum they also ran by the Iron Mike statue, an icon of paratroopers.

The route then takes runner up its biggest hill to head toward Fort Bragg for a tour of the post — a rare privilege for most civilians.

“At one point there was a plane that took off over my head, which was actually awesome, and I could just hear stuff being fired all day long,” recalled Jeremy Boyd Boyd. “It was actually an excellent experience.”

Last year was the first year for the race, with an estimated 3,189 people finishing the running events. Masashi Shirotake, of Charlotte, was the top performer in the marathon, finishing it with a time of 2:30:32.

Registration is now open and complete information is available here.


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