Fla. cop gets dragged when drunk driver pulls away

Fla. cop gets dragged when drunk driver pulls away (Image 1)

A Florida police officer believes he is lucky to have only minor injuries after he got run over by what he believes was a drunk driver.

Sgt. Kerstan Tatro of the Gulf Breeze Police Department suffered broken bones in his arm after he stopped a car near a local bridge. He reached into the car but the driver then drove off, dragging him part of the way with his arm in the car.

“I’m lucky I didn’t bounce my head off the pavement and just got a broke arm,” Tatro told WKRG in Mobile, Ala.

He said on the video recorded from his patrol car, “I’ve just been run over.”

He said he saw the driver reach for the keys. “I thought I was faster,” he said later. “I thought I could beat her.”

Then his arm gets caught between the headrest and the door, his foot run over by the rear wheel.

“You hear the tires squeal and she blazed a trail,” Tatro said.

Tatro’s 16-year-old daughter, Faith, pulled up minutes later.

“Daddy, are you OK?” she asked.

Faith Tatro had seen the entire incident.

“I looked over and saw him reaching into the car and his foot getting stuck under the wheel and his arm getting pulled and I saw him kind of twist,” she said.

Tatro says it was bizarre to hear his daughter’s voice and he quickly switched into Daddy mode.

“Once that occurs, I’ve got to be dad again. I’ve got to make sure that she is not going to carry something the rest of her life seeing something like this.”

His arm is pieced together with screws and a couple of metal plates.

The driver of the car was arrested a few blocks away. Her name is Amy Giorgio of Gulf Breeze and she remains in the Escambia County Jail on a host of charges with no bond.

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