Raleigh company uses tele-therapy to treat dyslexia

Raleigh company uses tele-therapy to treat dyslexia (Image 1)

A Raleigh-based company is using tele-therapy to make a major breakthrough in diagnosing and treating dyslexia.

More than 60 million people in the United States, including 11 million school aged children, suffer from mild to major forms of dyslexia. The disorder makes reading difficult and can cause students to struggle in school.

In some cases, children with dyslexia may feel isolated amongst their peers.

Lauren Furman’s 10-year-old son, Michael, has always done well in school, but it has come with a struggle.

“When he started to read — where some of the kids were learning their letters, the sound correlation for him was really a struggle,” she said. “And he really wanted to be able to read.”

After years of struggling, the Furman finally diagnosed Michael seven months ago through Lexercise, an online company based in Raleigh that diagnoses, treats and administers dyslexia therapy.

CEO Chad Myers and partner Sandie Barrie Blackley founded Lexercise in 2009 when the pair saw an opportunity to deliver traditional therapy in an unconventional way.

“Our goal was to try and make this therapy affordable and efficient for the average family who can’t afford $25,000 for school,” Myers said.

Lexercise allows patients like Michael Furman to receive dyslexia therapy in the comfort of their homes with a licensed therapist who may be thousands of miles away.

“One of the biggest changes from what I was doing in a public school setting versus what I’m doing now is the availability of one-to-one instruction,” explained Torrie Whaley, a clinical educator for Lexercise. “In none of the public schools I worked was I able to get the kids one to one.”

That one-on-one attention has Michael Furman achieving success.

“This gets me a lot better at reading,” he said. “It gets me a lot of confidence and it gets me a lot more fluent at reading. So it really helped.”

Lexercise offers its dyslexia test for free. The therapy is $395 per month with no long-term commitment.


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