Raleigh man turns inventor to fund veterans memorial

Raleigh man turns inventor to fund veterans memorial (Image 1)

A Raleigh man is hoping to build a memorial for fallen service members with funds generated through the sales of a gadget he says will keep your hands dry while brushing your teeth.

Although he has never served in the military, Jason Savage’s dream is to construct a 150-foot, half-circular veterans monument made of granite and stainless steel.

“I’m working full-time at Freedom Memorials on a memorial to our fallen soldiers — men and women who died in Afghanistan and Iraq,” Savage explained.

But nine years later, Savage has struggled to find funding for the memorial. That is until he came up with an idea that was right in the palm of his hand.

“I’ve always had foam running down the handle, getting on my hand. So I said enough of that, I’m going to go onto the web and take care of the problem,” Savage said

He said who couldn’t find a solution to his electric toothbrush dilemma. So he took it upon himself to design the Handle Dry.

The rubber gadget easily catches foam that comes from using an electric toothbrush. At about $5 a piece, Savage hopes they’re an easy sell.

“One hundred percent of the funds will go to the memorial,” Savage said.

Savage said he will need several millions dollars to fund the memorial, and he hopes the Handle Dry will be the spark to get him there.

Until then, he said the family members of those who have served provide the ultimate motivation.

“The widows of fallen soldiers say, ‘Keep going no matter what. We want to see our loved ones honored in this manner,’ ” Savage said. “And I get that from every person from across board.”

Savage said he is looking for another round of funding for the Afghanistan & Iraq Freedom Reigns Memorial.

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