Watch Apex mom’s wild reaction to gender reveal

Watch Apex mom's wild reaction to gender reveal (Image 1)

A pregnant Apex mom’s reaction to news she’s having a girl is lighting up the internet.

Cher and Stephen Lair have six boys already, so they assumed number seven would be a boy too, but in a cell phone video, that one of Cher’s girlfriends posted on YouTube Monday night, she can be seen screaming and falling to the ground when the gender of her seventh baby is revealed.

Her girlfriend accompanied the couple to a recent doctor’s visit and agreed to keep the gender secret for weeks, with a cake filling’s pink color serving as the big reveal.

“I don’t even know. I can’t process. I can’t even register,” Cher Lair said. “I don’t have any idea what girls do or wear or play with.”

Most of her boys, ranging in age from one to 12, are not exactly thrilled about having a girl in the house, but nine-year-old Campbell cannot wait.

“I need to have a sister because I’ve had too many brothers,” Campbell said. “I love them and all, but there’s been too many dog piles and wrestling and me just getting hurt and everything. I think I could have a girl in my life.”

The Lairs never expected to have a house full of boys, but after having six kids all of the same gender, they figured number seven could never possibly be a girl.

“Statistically, once you have a gaggle, your chances decrease every time of ever deviating to the other gender, so, we’ve been told.” Cher Lair said. “So, we thought we were just the boy people.”

But it turns out having a girl was baked in the cake.

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