Manhunt continues for Wayne Co. shooter; mother says he was fired

Manhunt continues for Wayne Co. shooter; mother says he was fired (Image 1)

A long-time employee at Wayne Community College in Goldsboro was shot and killed Monday morning in the bathroom of the third floor of a campus building, sending the campus into a lockdown as officials scrambled to find the suspect.

School officials said Ron Lane had worked at the print shop at the school for 18 years. The suspect is Kenneth Morgan Stancil III, who is 20. A school spokeswoman said Stancil had been a work-study student and worked in the print shop, supervised by Lane.

A relative of Lane said Lane had fired Stancil. And a woman who identified herself as Stancil’s mother, Debbie Jean Edwards Stancil, messaged WNCN on Facebook to confirm Lane had fired Stancil.

“I have the letter that showed he was terminated without consent,” Debbie Stancil told WNCN. She also said Lane “made inappropriate sexual advances toward him.”

Lane, according to his Facebook page, had been in a relationship with Chuck Tobin. Tobin disappeared last July and a relative posted on Facebook that his remains had been found in November.

Monday’s shooting rocked the campus in Goldsboro, but police in Wayne County were quick to say the explosive situation was not one where other students were threatened.

“This is not a random situation,” said Tom Effler of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office.

Although school and police officials insisted there was no further danger to the campus, as of Monday afternoon, Stancil remained at large. Goldsboro Police Chief Jeff Stewart said officials had expanded their search to include all of North Carolina as they hunted for Stancil.

Police said Stancil should be considered armed and dangerous. He has a distinctive tattoo on the left side of his face and the number 88 tattooed on his cheek. That number can represent “Heil Hilter” for neo-Nazis, since H is the eighth letter of the alphabet.

Wayne County assistant operations manager Daniel Wiggins said 911 received a call about 8 a.m. of an active shooter on campus.

“I was in class – we were taking a quiz,” said April Barletter. 

Barletter called the morning “scary.”

Barletter said she was taking a quiz when they started to hear beeping. Students then received a text indicating there was a shooting and the college was on lockdown.

Barletter said her teacher moved them to a corner of the classroom, turned off the lights and barricaded the door with a table. Monday’s lockdown was the first for Barletter.

“I hoped it didn’t escalate into something more,” she said.

Cichini Lewis, another student, said, “I was up in the library and I heard a loud bang. It sounded like a gunshot and the librarian came and got us in an office.”

The experience, Lewis said, “was terrifying.”

School sent a notification to students to not report to school due to the ongoing situation at Wayne Community College. School president Kay Albertson praised the way the students and staff handled the dramatic events.

A school spokeswoman said the school would make plans to honor Lane, but not Monday night.


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