Missouri mom, 76, meets 49-year-old daughter for first time

A mother who was mistakenly told by nurses almost five decades ago that her baby died after childbirth has finally been reunited with her daughter.

Zella Jackson-Price, 76, had no idea her daughter, 49-year-old Melanie Diane Gilmore, was alive and well in Oregon.

“I’m still kinda in shock,” Jackson-Price told NBC station KSDK from the St. Louis suburb of Olivette. “It’s a new chapter.”

Gilmore was adopted following the error and became deaf after she caught measles aged 3. She found her mother after her children started to look for their real grandparents online.

They were reunited on Thursday after Gilmore flew to St. Louis. But the family is still not sure how the mistake came about.

“I don’t know what we’ll find out,” said Jackson-Price, who has six other children. “As soon as we get over the excitement of being together and everything, I will seek a lawyer.”

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