Apex track star strives for 4 state titles

Sydnei Murphy has a vision of how her career will end at Apex High School.

“We did three indoors (championships), so we’re going to add that fourth and see if we can take it,” explained Murphy.

Three is the number of indoor state titles she won in one day. Four is the number she’s shooting for at the outdoor championships in a few weeks.

“It can be done, it’s just a tough day,” said Apex head coach Roy Cooper.

And Cooper should know. He’s coached at Apex for more than 30 years.

Cooper has seen plenty of great athletes suit up for the Cougars but bone better than Murphy.

“She would be right at the top. I can think of a handful of kids over the years

and she’s going to be one of those few.”

Still, Murphy is not like most elite athletes. There’s a fun side to her.

A side that, teammates and, especially, opponents can relate to.

“We like to be silly, so it’s not like mean, competitive or anything. They’re

always gunning for me but I’m always gunning for them too,” Murphy said. “It’s one thing to be on top but it takes a lot to stay on top so you can’t take it too seriously.”

Goofy is how murphy describes herself at times.

“I think if she describes it as goofy, we’ll go along with that” said Cooper.

But there can be no denying her talent and when it comes to her quest to win four state titles, Murphy is quite serious.

“It takes a lot and it’s really, really tiring, but hopefully it pays off in the end,” she said. 

A nice way to end a career filled with plenty of victories and lots of laughs.

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