Telesco says Rivers will be Bolts’ QB ‘well into the future’

Telesco says Rivers will be Bolts' QB 'well into the future' (Image 1)

Citing his Catholic faith, San Diego Chargers general manager Tom Telesco promised he wasn’t going to lie during his pre-draft news conference.

He then proceeded to speak effusively about quarterback Philip Rivers’ future with the team.

Says Telesco: “Philip’s our quarterback. It’s our plan and intent that he’s our quarterback well into the future.”

It’s been rumored for weeks that Rivers, who doesn’t want to move to Los Angeles if the team does, could be traded to Tennessee so the Chargers can draft Marcus Mariota with the second pick.

Asked if he’s discussed a trade with Tennessee, Telesco says: “I’m going to leave that go.”

Asked if any scenario included moving up to the second pick, he says: “Uh, no.”

The Chargers worked out Mariota last week.

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