Woman says hotel denied her room due to service dog

Woman says hotel denied her room due to service dog (Image 1)

A Tennessee woman visiting Raleigh said she was denied access to a local hotel because she has a service dog.

Dianne Wertz said it happened after she drove five hours Monday night with her service dog, Gabby.

“I came from Tennessee to see my son leave for basic training this morning,” she said.

When Wertz got to City Studios Hotel on Capital Boulevard, she said he was denied a room.

“She proceeded to tell me oh you can’t stay here because we don’t allow pets,” Wertz added.

She said she presented the hotel employee with the proper credentials concerning service animals.

But Wertz said the woman at the front desk would not budge.

Holly Stiles, a lawyer with Disability Rights North Carolina, said hotels must accommodate patrons with service animals.

“The American Disability Act says that if somebody has a service animal, public accommodations like hotels, have to accommodate their needs as a person with a disability,” Stiles said.

Stiles said Disability Rights North Carolina gets a lot of call about people not understanding where service animals are allowed to go and where they have to be accommodated.

Wertz said she’s a veteran and her dog helps with her PTSD.

“I shouldn’t have to be treated like a second-class citizen because I have a service dog,” Wertz added.

Wertz traveled back to Tennessee and said she may contact a lawyer.

The manager of City Studios did not want to comment on the matter when contacted by WNCN.

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