Parents upset gay marriage themed book read to children

Parents upset gay marriage themed book read to children (Image 1)

Some parents of students at Efland-Cheeks Elementary School are upset after a third grade teacher read a book about a prince marrying a prince.

Teacher Omar Currie read the book “King and King” in order to address the bullying of a boy in his class.

Currie read the book to the class without first notifying parents as required by the Orange County Schools controversial topics policy.

Efland-Cheeks Elementary School Principal Kiley Brown said when a parent objected to the reading, she had a school review board look at the book and it decided the book did not need to be banned.

When two more parents objected, the school set up a meeting for Friday so the review board can reevaluate its decision.

Brown said the teacher thought the book might help with the bullying situation that was taking place.

“There was a situation in his class where a child was being picked on and he used it to support that,” Brown said.

Some parents thought Currie reading the book to his class was a good idea.

“To be honest, when I first learned about it, I was pleased to hear my son’s school is promoting tolerance and diversity,” said parent Alex Caterson.

Other parents found it inappropriate.

“The book would be more appropriate for an older age. It’s a parents responsibility to discuss sexuality with children, whether it’s hetero or homo. It should not be addressed with third graders,” said parent Lindsey Gibson.

WNCN attempted to talk with Currie but have been unable to reach him.

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