Iconic Raleigh concert venue reopens for one night only

Iconic Raleigh concert venue reopens for one night only (Image 1)

A highly-anticipated, sold out concert is happening this weekend in Raleigh but it’s not taking place where one might expect.

An old, vacant basement underneath the Cameron Village Shopping Center will host a huge party on Saturday. For one night only, more than 500 people will pack the space after it sold out in just hours.

“I think there are kind of two groups that have a huge interest in this,” Cameron Village Shopping Center Marketing Director Pat Boyle said. “One is the young people. They’ve built this urban legend around ‘The Subway,’ and I think it’s everybody else that used to come to this place and it has a really wonderful place in their heart.”

Back in the 1970s and 1980s, “The Subway” was a series of intimate clubs that hosted emerging artists. Saturday night’s show will feature a fashion show, arcade, drinks and music from cover band “The Crush.”

“It was the days before YouTube and American Idol,” Boyle said, “So they wanted to get their talent, get some stage presence for them, so they would come down the east coast. They’d start in New York, they’d go to DC and before they hit Atlanta, they went to Raleigh.”

Proceeds from the show benefit the Backpack Buddies, which is a charity that sends hungry school children home with food over the weekend.

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