Elderly NC couple gets shocking bill from Duke Energy

Elderly NC couple gets shocking bill from Duke Energy (Image 1)

An elderly couple in Eden got a bill for $3,400 from Duke Energy on Friday, according to WFMY in Greensboro.

Samuel and Linda Hopkins, who have been married 56 years,

“I looked at it (the bill), and I looked at it again, to take a second look and make sure I was looking at it right,” Samuel Hopkins told the station. “You could’ve pushed me over with a feather.”

He said Duke Energy told them their meter wasn’t working properly and they were not paying the correct amount.

“Naturally, I am aggravated about it because they did me the way that they did. I had nothing to do with that meter. It quit running,” Hopkins told WFMY. “They should’ve had somebody to come out here and check the meter for me. It could’ve happened to anybody.”

Hopkins said Duke Energy will turn off their power if the $3,401.29 isn’t paid. He said he’s concerned because his wife needs the power for medical machines.

A spokesman for Duke Energy said the company wouldn’t comment on specifics of the case but said meters can “slow down or stop running over time” and the “North Carolina Utility Commission has rules that allow back billing under these circumstances.”

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