‘House of Cards’ intro re-made with Raleigh as backdrop

'House of Cards' intro re-made with Raleigh as backdrop (Image 1)

An homage to the opening credits of the Netflix show “House of Cards,” with Raleigh as the backdrop, was quickly getting passed around on social media in the Triangle Tuesday morning.

Wake Forest resident Dan Evans is the man responsible for the video, titled “City of Oaks,” and he said his passion for digital media was a big inspiration for the video.

“My inspiration [was] that I have a passion for video production and really anything that includes digital media and visual arts,” he said.

Evans, who is a video production artist at the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest and also does freelance video production work on the side, said he made the video for fun, although it was time consuming.

“The whole project took approximately one month to complete,” he said. “I normally went out on weekend nights and did time lapse photography of Fayetteville Street…stuff like that. It was pretty fun to work on, actually.”

As for a “Bull City” or Chapel Hill-centric video, Evans said he’s given it some thought.

“I have considered it. [Since] I’m actually a resident of Wake Forest…that might actually be the next one,” he said. “You have to be really creative how you do that if you live in a small town. Wake Forest or Durham may be the next one.”

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