Topsail Island has it’s own version of Monopoly

Topsail Island has it's own version of Monopoly (Image 1)

Topsail Island in North Carolina has its own unique version of the popular board game Monopoly.

The game comes complete with local landmarks, history and unique game pieces, The Daily News in Jacksonville reported.

The Gift Basket in Topsail Beach and Topsail Island Trading Company began selling Topsail-opoly in March and owner Grier Fleischhauer said they sold 83 games in three weeks.

Fleischhauer came up with the concept of Topsail-opoly after seeing a North Carolina version of the game in a magazine, The Daily News reported.

After doing some research, Fleischhauer found the company that holds the rights to Monopoly.

Instead of railroad spaces, the Topsail Island version has piers. And instead of “Go” and “Jail” spaces, the game has “Go to the Beach” and “Swing Bridge Timeout.”

Fleischhauer told The Daily News that not every landmark and popular place made the game.

You can purchase the game online at for $27.99.

Read more of The Daily News in Jacksonville’s story here.

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