Area sports writer incurs wrath for tweet about Curry’s daughter

Area sports writer incurs wrath for tweet about Curry's daughter (Image 1)

An area sports writer sparked a national controversy with a tweet he sent out criticizing Steph Curry’s news conference featuring Curry’s toddler stealing the show.

Brett Friedlander, a columnist for The Wilmington Star News, who lives in Cary, tweeted, “Steph Curry’s kid is cute. That doesn’t mean she should have been at presser. There are professionals on deadlines there w/ jobs to do, too.”

What others might feel is a fairly innocuous statement turned into a big debate.

While ESPN’s Brian Windhorst agreed that “Kids should be banned from press conferences,” most of the comments were critical of Frielander, who ended up deleting the tweet.

The video of Curry’s 2-year-old daughter Riley telling the NBA star to be quiet, yawning, pretending to sneeze and crawling under the table went viral and stole the hearts of many.

One tweeter wrote, “Way to suck the life outta something fans enjoyed. We’ll look forward to your cliche’ laden press conf reports.” Another called Friedlander a “Gasbag.”

Friedlander responded with another tweet when he wrote, “Ah Twitter. If people don’t agree w/ you, they call you names & throw out cliches like ‘get off my lawn.’ So much for intelligent discussion.”

Bloggers and TV personalities were just as ruthless.

The controversy made it to the Inside Edition TV show, who called Curry’s daughter “adorable,” as well as national sports talk shows such as “Mike and Mike in the Morning.” Host Mike Greenberg, who posted the video to the show’s Facebook account Wednesday, calling it “the best thing on Twitter today,” was especially critical, saying sports reporters aren’t Woodward and Bernstein, referring to The Washington Post Watergate reporters.

But ESPN’s Skip Bayless, who is used to criticism for controversial statements, sided with Freidlander.

“I’m trying to listen to what Steph’s saying and I can’t even follow it because he can’t complete a sentence because she’s interrupting,” Bayless said. “After a while I have no idea what Steph said and I badly wanted to hear what he had to say. It got completely disrupted by little Riley stealing the show. It really hurt the process of the journalists getting their quotes from Steph. I don’t hate children, I’m not an ogre. The NBA’s going to have to make a call to preserve the sanctity of the postgame.”


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