Cops: Woman bit off man’s ear then tried to stab him

Cops: Woman bit off man's ear then tried to stab him (Image 1)

A Colorado woman was arrested for allegedly biting a chunk out of a man’s ear and chasing him with a knife, police said.

Colorado Springs Police said officers responded to calls about a woman chasing a man with a knife on Tuesday night and encountered the suspect, Jade Gurley. Officers then determined that Gurley,39, was trying to stab a man and had torn a “quarter-size chunk” out of his left ear, police added.

The department said that Gurley was arrested without incident — and the knife was recovered from a nearby motel room. It was not immediately clear what charges she was facing.

The victim, who has not been named, was transported to a local hospital. The missing portion of his ear was recovered but “unfortunately it could not be reattached,” police said, adding that the victim was treated for his injuries and released.

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