Durham residents upset over unfinished roads

Residents in Durham are upset over some unfinished road work that has them swerving all over their neighborhood.

It’s a problem they say has been going on for years and they want the city to come up with a solution.

Both residents and city leaders said there is a lot of heartache attached to the needed road work and they both want a solution, it’s just a matter of who’s footing the bill.

The eyesores date back to around 2008.

That’s when homeowners said the economy went on a downward spiral and the developer responsible for finishing up the roadwork went bankrupt.

The streets don’t have a top coat of asphalt which is causing pot holes and exposed manhole covers.

Residents say not only are they unsightly, they’ve done damage to their cars which cost them hundreds.

City officials said that because the roads were never finished, the city doesn’t own them and it may be up to the residents to pay for the repairs.

The issue came up during a work session Thursday afternoon.

“I think that’s ridiculous when you buy a house you expect the roads to be paved and finished and when you move into a new development you certainly expect that it’s going to be followed up on and finished,” said Lauren Kilbourne.

Several members of the city council agreed the road work has been a problem for far too long.

“The damage that has occurred in time delays has been substantial and it is a clear indication of what happens if you have a street failure and you don’t move quickly to take care of the problem,” said Robert Joyner with Durham Public Works.

At least 15 residents stood up to speak to the council.

Officials say they will go back to drawing board to determine how to proceed with the road work.

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