Duke professors worried about ISIS’ takeover of Palmyra

Duke professors worried about ISIS' takeover of Palmyra (Image 1)

Just days ago ISIS claimed the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria, igniting fears across the world that more ancient artifacts and monuments will be destroyed.

Professors Eric and Carol Meyers at Duke University have been keeping track of ISIS and their takeover of Palmyra.

Professor Eric Meyers has traveled to the Middle East many times as an archaeologist and scholar, having discovered several different ancient artifacts in the process.

“All of these civilizations are pre-Islamic and they don’t want them to be preserved in any way. They’ve systematically gone about destroying them erasing them and superimposing their own way of life on them,” he said.

ISIS hasn’t been shy about showing the world that they are not afraid to destroy ancient artifacts and monuments, as seen in Iraq. They recorded video of the smashing of relics and antiquities.

“ISIS claims this is all pagan art and that’s it’s antithetical to their beliefs as Muslims,” said professor Carol Meyers.

Some of these relics can fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars on the black market. The professors say most of the people buying them have no idea their money is funding the terrorist organization.

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