Lawmaker calls on 5 Moore Co. board members to resign after supt. firing

Rep. James L. Boles Jr.

A key Republican legislator from Moore County is looking to block the firing of the Moore County school superintendent.

Bob Grimesey was fired Thursday in an emotional meeting that sparked outrage from teachers and parents. But the board voted for his firing without saying why.

On Friday, Rep. James L. Boles Jr. said he had obtained a restraining order from James Webb, the senior resident superior court judge, “to restrict and limit the powers of the present Board until proper legislation is passed to establish a fair process in which elected officials can be held accountable.”

Boles told WNCN he was “outraged” by the firing. He said he didn’t know why Grimesey was fired but said, “Whether he comes back or not, they need to have integrity on the board.”

Boles also called for resignation of Kathy Farren, Laura Lang, Ben Cameron and Becky S. Carlson by Monday at noon.  His legal complaint said those five were “motivated by personal animosity towards Dr. Grimesey amd personal favoritism and affiliation with Kathy Kennedy, assistant superintendent,” who Boles said is now seeking the superintendent’s position.

“The integrity of our Board has been severely compromised by their arbitrary actions, which have been condemned by our citizens in the most vocal way. This is not what the citizens of Moore County envisioned when electing their Board members. I intend to reestablish confidence in the Moore County Board of Education so we can move forward with future competent decisions that affect our students, teachers, parents, community leaders and our economy.z”

Boles said he intends to introduce a bill in the General Assembly to have a recall vote on the five board members in November.

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