Republicans, presidential hopefuls attend state GOP convention

Presidential hopeful and Texas Senator Ted Cruz is in the Tar Heel state campaigning for the White House.

The political spotlight is on the City of Oaks while the North Carolina Republican Convention is in town.

Some of the candidates going for the White House speaking to the thousands expected to attend the convention this weekend.

“It’s probably the biggest thing that the North Carolina Republican Party can do,” said Republican Earl Philip. “It brings us all together. We meet, celebrate, talk about issues and put plans together and go back to our counties to implement those plans.”

There are several Republican candidates vying for the White House in 2016.

“We have so many candidates for president which I am so excited about because that makes the conversation that much broader, so much more open,” said Republican Staci Chiomento.

Presidential hopeful and Texas Senator Ted Cruz is in the Tar Heel state campaigning for the White House.

“North Carolina is going to play an important role in choosing our next president,” said Cruz. “I’ve joked that we may need a phone book by the end of the race with all the candidates, but I think that’s a reflection of the strength and vitality that people are recognizing that what we are doing isn’t working.”

Cruz said voters are hungry for change and it’s something he hopes to bring next year.

“I think the republican primary is going to come down to one word and that’s trust. We’ve all seen politicians who say one thing and do another,” he said.

Party business Saturday also includes picking a successor to Chairman Claude Pope.

Craig Collins of Gastonia has endorsements from McCrory, Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis and top legislative leaders.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker addressed the GOP crowd Friday night.

He’s also looking closely at a presidential campaign.

Ben Carson is already in, and he’ll address a Sunday morning prayer breakfast.

Next weekend at the convention center, the Democrats will hold their annual “Jefferson Jackson” dinner.

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