60 apply for Moore Co. Board of Education spots, Grimesey is back at work

Moore County schools get tons of applications

SOUTHERN PINES, N.C. – The Moore County School District is looking to return to normal following several days of turmoil over the school board’s firing and then reinstatement of its Superintendent.

In a packed auditorium of about 1,000 people, the school board voted to reinstate Robert Grimesey nearly one week after the board voted to terminate his contract.

Grimesey is now back at work and ready to put everything that happened behind him and help rebuild the school board.

“This is a wonderful place for a child to grow up and [Monday night] was proof that this is true,” said Grimesey.

In the past week, four of the eight board members resigned under pressure from the community. The board will call special meetings the next few weeks to choose people to fill the vacant seats. Board Chair Bruce Cunningham has already received about 60 applications.

“Like they always do, the people of Moore County step up for education,” said Cunningham. “Military spouses, retired teachers, active professors, retired professors, a college student, all sorts of people have applies for these openings.”

Cunningham believes the thousands of parents, teachers and students who joined the effort to bring back Dr. Grimesey motivated even more to get involved.

“I think what we saw this week was the democratic process working the way it’s supposed to,” said Grimesey.

While supporters of Grimesey got the result they wanted there are still unanswered questions as to why he was terminated in the first place.

“I’m not sure I know all the answers to that,” said Cunningham. “But I’m really not going to dwell on that. I’m going to start from where we are right now and we’re going to go forward and we are going to do amazing things in Moore County.”

Along with the four board members, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and Board Clerk Catharine McRae also resigned on Friday.

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