Grimesey reinstated at packed Moore Co. meeting

Bob Grimesey was reinstated as the Moore County school superintendent Monday night.

CARTHAGE, N.C. (WNCN)- About 1,000 people showed up for a Moore County Board of Education meeting that comes after 3 of the 8 members have resigned just days after the board decided to fire the superintendent.

By 7 pm Monday night, the board voted to reinstate recently fired Superintendent Bob Grimesey.

Just before that vote, the weekend resignation of 3 board members was accepted by a vote of the remaining board members.

Board member Becky Smith Carlson later resigned after the group reinstated Grimesey. That leaves Laura Lang as the only board member left among the group who voted against Grimesey.

The meeting is being held in the gym at Union Pines High School to help accommodate the large crowd.

By 8 pm, the meeting was in a “public comment” session and Supt. Grimesey was back seated with the board members.

Angry supporters of recently ousted Grimesey were clamoring at a chance to voice their frustrations.

The board voted 5-3 on Thursday to fire Grimesey. On Saturday, three of the board members who voted to fire him – Kathy Farren, Ben Cameron and Sue Black – resigned.

Grimesey supporters have said they were hoping the board reverses their decision. Grimesey was hired in May 2014 to replace Aaron Spence.

“A majority of the people completely unified to go and make a point to say, ‘We don’t agree with this, we don’t want this, we don’t like this.’ And their voices were just completely disregarded,” Pamela Reed, a supporter of Grimesey and a mother of a Moore County student, said before Grimesey was reinstated.

Grimesey told WNCN on Sunday that he has had a tremendous amount of support from the community and people like Reed. He said he is not sure what his next step will be.

Laura Lang, who originally voted to fire Grimesey, said, “It’s saddened me that it has gotten so completely blown out of proportion.”

Supporters of Grimesey say Lang and her fellow members should not have voted him out, calling it the result of a political agenda, not a concern over what’s best for students. Grimesey told WNCN he still doesn’t know why he was let go.

Reed, the parent and a supporter of Grimesey, said, “It’s like a thing you would see on a TV movie about you know, politics gone wrong. And this is at our little, local county level. It’s very disheartening.”

But Lang insisted she will not resign.

“I hope people will realize that we did not do anything wrong, and that we did what was in best interest of the district,” said Lang.

The district however is coming out in full force by email, phone and Facebook, making it known that they want Grimesey back.

“An incredibly well-respected educator and he’s been treated so, so poorly. And that’s not reflective of our area, our town,” said Reed.

But Lang said she was “sad” about the situation.

“ I’m sad for our district that people that are not even involved in our school board are involved in things they know nothing about, unfortunately,” said Lang.

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