Raleigh leaders back off patio ordinance

The future of outdoor drinking lies in the hands of Raleigh City Council's Law and Public Safety Committee.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN)- A victory Tuesday night for Raleigh’s Save the Patio movement as city leaders decided to back off the ordinance.

The original proposal that suggested an establishment have to make 30 percent of its sales from food to qualify for a permit is off the table.

In its place are two adapted versions that aim at controlling how many people are allowed in an outdoor space.

And speaking of people, dozens of Save the Patio supporters showed up to Tuesday’s meeting.

There were so many, the Law and Public Safety Committee meeting had to be moved to a bigger room.

Attendees from both sides of the issue got to share their opinion with the committee.

Although members like the adapted proposals, they need clarification on a parts of them before they send one to city council.

Specifically, members wanted details on a maximum capacity rule that would only allow one person per 15 square feet in a given outdoor seating area.

Committee members also brought up the fact the current rules should be correctly enforced before new ones are created. But, at the same time they agreed there are issues and something needs to be done.

“I’ve had the opportunity to watch young folks urinating on Wilmington Street and vomiting in the planters while I’m sitting there with my two young daughters. And I think that’s appalling,” said committee member Wayne Maiorano.

The committee also suggested a hospitality group be put in place to help businesses understand their responsibilities regarding these outdoor spaces.

It is also asking for an extension of current outdoor use permits that are set to expire this month, so they can get this change implemented before any new permits are given out.

The committee is hoping to send a new proposal to city council before July 4.

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