Fayetteville police plan to make summer parties safe

Fayetteville Market House

They’re not trying to break up parties, they’re just trying to save lives. That was the message Fayetteville Police Chief Harold Medlock delivered at a news conference Wednesday.

The department announced its “Operation Safe Summer” initiative. Medlock said in light of all the violence and deaths that have resulted from out-of-control house parties, the department will be designating three teams of four officers to house party patrol.

“It is not about breaking parties up. We simply want to make sure our youth, our young people are safe. And all these young people here, and all of their friends, and our city, can be safe this weekend, and every weekend across the summer,” said Medlock.

Mayor Nat Robertson also said they are introducing an ordinance targeting these parties. A property owner would be allowed one visit by police for an out of control party. After that, every time police are called again, the property owner would get a $500 fine. The fine would not apply if the owner or party host called police for help.

The issue has been in the national spotlight since Friday, when a Texas police officer shoved a teen to the ground and pulled his weapon at a major party in a McKinney, Texas, neighborhood. The officer resigned this week.

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