Teen pronounced dead in crash is back home from hospital

A teen girl who was pronounced dead in a crash near Myrtle Beach last month has been discharged from the hospital.


Grayson Hucks was in a 6-vehicle crash on an afternoon exactly a month ago Wednesday and was pronounced dead in the crash, officials initially said.

Hucks, 19, was just accepted to begin nursing school in the fall at a South Carolina college — and was on her way home from a medical assistant summer job when the wreck happened.

Hucks, whose car was hit head-on while traveling on the US 17 Bypass, spent more than three weeks in the hospital and was released just this week from an Atlanta hospital.

In the crash, Hucks suffered a fractured left ulna, a fractured right patella and right tibia, and a fractured sacrum.

“Among other complications, Grayson is also fighting a head injury consisting of multiple pinpoint bleeding and a hematoma on her right parietal lobe, as well as pneumonia caused by the trauma,” her boyfriend, Dustin James wrote on a GoFundMe page.

James said that Hucks will be undergoing out-patient therapy in Florence, South Carolina.

Despite lingering effects from the crash, Hucks is trying to stay focused on becoming a nurse.

“I have to be able to go to school, that’s the most important thing to me, and it still is,” Grayson told WMBF-TV.

Grayson could make a full recovery in six months to a year, the TV station reported.

— Info from WBTW-TV

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