Fayetteville teacher accused of yelling at students resigns

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – A Cumberland County teacher who yelled at students in her classroom has resigned, according to an email sent by a Cumberland County school official.

The teacher, Evelyn Spell, was under investigation after a student recorded her classroom.

Joseph Locklear, the associate superintendent of human resources for Cumberland County Schools, wrote in an email to a parent:

“After reviewing all information collected during the investigation, appropriate disciplinary action was taken but due to personnel laws I am unable to share specifics. I can say that the teacher has submitted her resignation effective today and will not be returning to Cumberland County schools for the 2015-2016 school year.”

Locklear could not be reached for comment immediately on Friday afternoon.

Parent Leona Cain had told WNCN her son, Sammy, kept coming home and complaining about how horrible his Exceptional Children class was at Alderman Road Elementary School.
In particular he complained about Spell.

Cain said at first she didn’t believe him until things started getting worse, and she sent him to school with a recording device.

The four-hour recording captured the teacher yelling at students and discussing topics many parents find inappropriate.

In the recording, a teacher is yelling at the class, “You want something to happen! But I’m tired! So Somebody might just get hurt and I just might go to jail!”

Cain said knowing Spell will no longer be teaching at the school is a relief but she would like to know more.

“Just a little disappointed in how vague even in personnel matters. When your child has been subjected to something like that you kind of want to know the disciplinary action that led her to resign,” Caine said.

Cain said the experience has left her with some advice for other parents.

“If your children are telling you there are some things wrong? And the teacher says the opposite? Don’t always just believe the teacher,” she said.


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