God, prayer saved 15 hurt in church van crash, bishop says

BENSON, N.C. (WNCN) – A Raleigh church group is lucky to be alive following a serious crash Saturday morning on Interstate 40 in Benson.

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A van carrying 15 members of the Holy Ground Place Temple church in Raleigh flipped twice on Interstate 40 near the Interstate 95 split in Benson.

One of those survivors, Bishop Allen Curtis, said God and prayer helped save their lives.

“I tell you, he heard our prayer. He heard it,” Curtis said.

He said it was supposed to be a day of fun, sun and fellowship in Wilmington.

But in Benson, those plans came to a sudden and severe stop.

Curtis was in the passenger seat when their church van blew a rear tire, and started swerving out of control.

The driver tried to correct the van’s path, but it hurled into the median, struck the wire barrier, then flipped twice before landing right side up in oncoming traffic.

“It flipped twice before it sit back up on its wheels. And after it stopped, I just heard everybody hollering. Immediately I looked at the driver and he was bleeding,” Curtis said.

Fourteen out of the 15 people in the van, including several children, were taken to three different hospitals.

All have since been released.

“When you look at the van and see you know, how devastating it looks, how all the windows were busted out. Even the back window was busted out. I know that Jesus was with us,” said Curtis.

The van is a total loss.

The small church just started about two years ago and currently cannot afford to buy a new van.

But Curtis said he believes God will provide for their needs.

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