Fake tickets lead to NC class president being pulled from graduation line

UNION COUNTY, NC (WBTV) – A Union County teenager says she is furious after she was stopped at the last minute from walking in her own graduation.

Aimee Bell is the student body president at Monroe High School. She says the principal told her she couldn’t walk because she printed out fake tickets to get two of her family members into the ceremony.


“I was really upset,” Bell told WBTV. “I was distraught by the whole situation. I couldn’t believe it actually happened.”

Bell and the rest of Monroe High School’s class of 2015 were lined up at Austin Auditorium at Wingate University ready for the pomp and circumstance marking the end of high school.

Bell says just as they were walking in, the principal stopped her.

“‘Aimee, what’s going on with these tickets?'” she said the principal told her. “I said ‘what tickets?’ He said ‘the fake tickets.’ I said ‘what are you talking about?’ He said ‘somebody said you gave them fake tickets.'”

The high school gave each senior four tickets to the graduation ceremony. Students had to pay for extra tickets.

“I said I printed two fake tickets for my family,” Bell said. She says the principal then pulled her from the graduation line.

Bell says other seniors did the same thing. But Union County school officials told WBTV “there was no evidence” of that and that Bell was “the only one with counterfeit tickets.”

Bell’s family says the principal didn’t do any investigating.

So the graduation ceremony went on without the class president.

“I’m AP student. I’m homecoming queen. Play varsity basketball. I’m yearbook editor,” she said.

She’s also a soon-to-be college freshman who learned a lesson at her high school graduation.

“Everybody makes mistakes,” she told WBTV, “But I just gotta do better.”

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