Wake Co. board gives schools $45 million more, raises tax rate

North Carolina State Capitol building

The Wake County Board of Commissioners voted on the 2015-2016 budget Monday afternoon, deciding to provide Wake County schools with $386 million this fiscal year.

Jim Hartmann, the county manager, was proposing to give the schools $36 million more this year. The school system was asking for $48 million more.

After a vote on Monday, Wake County schools will be getting more money from the county commissioners —- but not as much as they requested.

The school system had requested more than last year to fund teacher raises and other operating expenses.

The county manager had proposed a much smaller increase — giving the schools almost $35 million more

Some commissioners weren’t happy with that -— while others warned —- spending too much in one year would overburden taxpayers..

In the end, the commissioners compromised — giving wake county schools nearly $45 million more which means the county will provide Wake County schools with $386 million in funding this fiscal year.

The Commissioners also approved a property tax rate increase of 3.65 cents to help generate more revenue to pay for its total budget which includes money for EMS, libraries, the sheriff’s office, mental health care and wake county Human services.

Before the vote Monday, County Commissioner John Burns said that although schools have been underfunded, the county can’t make it all up at once.

“My goal is to keep the tax increase that’s required to a reasonable and minimal level while also returning as much focus as we can to the schools to retain our experienced teachers and increase our per pupil expenditures to an a level that it was prior to the recession, said Burns.


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