What’s Next: Exact dosage for cancer drugs

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – UNC graduates are using their senior project to create a device that helps with precise measurements of chemotherapy drugs.

The group of bio-medical engineering students hope the “volumetric” will change the way medicine is delivered to patients.

The volumetric device assures accurate drug dosage. It measures how far the syringe has been pulled back and how much liquid the syringe is actually going to expel.

Doctor Steven Eckell presented the challenge to the UNC Chapel Hill Biomedical Engineering students after he found that patients receiving chemotherapy treatment were often not getting the correct dosage when fighting cancer.

“Twelve point six percent of the doses being created at the UNC Cancer Hospital were falling outside of a plus minus 10 percent error range, which is not okay. It’s far outside what any Oncologist would tell you is acceptable for chemotherapy,” Eckell said.

The volumetric allows measurements to be up to 1000 times more accurate than just eyeballing amounts.

At this point, the group of UNC Chapel Hill students are in the process of forming a company and looking for funding.

The group plans to expand the use of the volumetric beyond chemotherapy drugs.

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