“Dreamers” rally for in-state tuition

Students who are in the country and state illegally rally for in-state tuition Wednesday, June 17.

RALEIGH, NC – Students living in the country illegally rallied outside the General Assembly for change early Wednesday morning.

They said their goal is to expose the real numbers of “Dreamers,” as they are known, that graduate each year from North Carolina high schools that can’t continue their education because of the high costs of out-of-state tuition.

Students are pushing for an in-state tuition bill to level the playing field.

“We want to go out there today and make in-state tuition possible for our future generations,” said Maria Cortez, a graduating senior who wants to pursue law.

Bill SB 463 would allow all students who have attended school in North Carolina for at least three consecutive years immediately prior to graduation and received a high school diploma from a school within North Carolina or obtained a GED issued in the state to be allowed resident tuition status.

“There are some people here who are afraid of a changing America. They’re afraid of new populations, people asking for new rights, people who are stepping out of the shadows and saying they want to be treated with equal rights and equal protections to any other American,” said Rep. Graig R. Meyer (D).

North Carolina has an estimated 42,000 students who are illegally in the country in school systems.

So far, 19 states have passed in-state tuition for Dreamers.

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