Extreme heat punishing Cary tennis campers

CARY, N.C. (WNCN) – The morning heat can be seen radiating off a Cary Tennis Park court but play continues on.

Stuart Cobb is an instructor the tennis facility where he’s teaching the basics of the game to young campers.

“We don’t have control over the weather,” said Cobb.

The early season heat wave has taken a toll on his young students.

“We are emphasizing plenty of hydration and taking lots of breaks,” he explained. “When it’s hot out we want them to maybe move less out here.”

Water is the main attraction when it comes to beating the heat, but these kids have found other ways to keep cool.

A water spraying fan and a frozen towel are just a couple of ways to combat a surface that is unforgiving.

“Whatever the temperature is outside, the court is probably five to 10 degrees hotter than what the temperature is,” Reid Kinlaw, the facilities program’s coordinator offered. “It can get very hot especially the hard courts so you really have to be careful out there.”

Kinlaw and the other instructors are always on the lookout for signs of distress. A red, flushed face or a player who seems lethargic or fatigued are sure signs of trouble.

“We’ve had one or two that needed to sit down a little bit longer to cool off,” said Cobb.

The camp staff takes it upon themselves to communicate with parents how they will protect their child when the heat rises.

E-mails or face-to- face meetings are not uncommon.

“We just want them to know their kids are going to be taken care of,” said Kinlaw. “We’re not going to run them to death or anything like that.”

Camps like this have been planned months in advance and must go on as scheduled, heat or no heat.

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