Carolina Elite track team undaunted by hot weather

With temperatures still in the high 90’s as practice begins early in the evening, the Carolina Elite track team shrugs off the elements.

“You run through the heat because you know you’ll be running in the meet and  it will probably be even hotter,” said Lia Love.

This team knows that from past history.

“We were in Texas last year when it was 100 plus,” said Carolina Elite coach Reggie Love. “We were in Wichita a couple years ago it was 100 plus as well.  You’ve just got to prepare your body to be in those kind of conditions.”

And the kids seem to know the importance of having a productive practice regardless of the conditions.

“Either way I’m still going to push myself and come to practice when it’s  hot,” explained Noah Rogers.

“It’s just a mental thing,” added Will Mosley. “You have to keep pushing through it, stay hydrated all day and you’ll make it through it.”

But sometimes even elite athletes like these can have a bad day.

“Sometimes you will want to give up but you have to thing what’s going to help me more,” explained Nicole Hooks. “Should I keep pushing or give up,
so we keep pushing.”

All of these athletes have been practicing since March and with their most   important meets of the year close at hand the competition like the weather  is about to get even hotter.

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