Charleston shooter tried to kill himself, but ran out of bullets, NC man says

Emanuel AME Church in Charleston. WSPA-TV photo

CHARLOTTE, NC — The 21-year-old suspect in the Charleston church shooting that left 9 dead tried to kill himself, but ran out of bullets during the attack, sources say.


During the massacre on Wednesday night, the suspected gunman, Dylann Roof, never planned to leave alive, according to the son of one of the victims, the LA Times reported.

Roof, who  has been charged in the shooting spree at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, sat with a Bible study group at the chuch for nearly an hour — before he went on the attack, officials say.

But, his last plan to kill himself didn’t work.

“He pointed the gun at his head and pulled the trigger, but it went ‘click’,” with the gun emptied of ammunition, Kevin Singleton of Charlotte, told the LA Times.

Singleton is the son of Myra Thompson, age 59, who died in the attack continued:

“His plan was never to leave that church,” he told the newspaper.

Singleton told the newspaper that Polly Sheppard, age 69, one of the two survivors of the attack, told him and his family about Roof’s attempt.

The newspaper was unable to talk to Sheppard.

The shooter apparently ran out of bullets when he some of the would-be victims — including a Reverend who was killed — started to fight back.

The LA Times said that Singleton, age 40, told them that he believed Roof intended to center the attack on Rev. Clementa Pinckney, the well-known minister of the church. Pinckney was the first killed in the attack.

But, the plan started to unravel when a retired 74-year-old Reverend Daniel Simmons fought back, Singleton told the paper.

At that point, the shooter fired several times at Simmons and the others, Singleton told the newspaper.

Roof then told Sheppard that she was being spared so she could tell about the attack and Roof then turned the gun on himself, Singleton said.

But at that point, the gun was out of bullets.

Click here to read the full story from the LA Times


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