Dads take in a ball game on Father’s Day

Dads were out in full force at the ballpark this Father’s Day celebrating with their families and taking in a game of America’s favorite pastime. WNCN spoke to several families about what Father’s Day means to them.

“I am so excited it is my first Father’s Day with this baby girl over here. She is turning one year old next week so we are excited about that as well,” said David Swanson, out with his family at the Durham Bulls game.

“It’s fantastic to be out with my son Kohl and my cousin Larry on Father’s Day. My dad died when I was 13 so it’s an honor to be out and enjoy the day,” said Kevin Thorpe, another fan at the game.

Dads of all ages and family sizes came out to see the Durham Bulls play. With a drink in their hand and kids by their side, it’s what a lot of them call the perfect honor for the head of the family.

“He’s just the best dad so I’m so glad we get to celebrate with him here at the Bulls game. And he even got to go on the field with Marley and it’s just been a really great day, and well deserved,” said Kimberly Swanson of her husband, David.

We asked families about the most important lesson dad has taught, or hopes to teach in the future.

Kohl Thorpe said his dad, Kevin taught him, “Just to grow up and be responsible in everything I do.”

“I’d like to teach her how to be a good person, how to be kind to others, and be happy,” said Andy Soltiz about parenting his daughter. His wife, Kristy said, “I hope he teaches her to be a good baseball player because I cannot play baseball, haha.”

So whether you’re a rookie and it’s your first Father’s Day, or you’re a seasoned pro, everybody at the ballpark agreed that a baseball game is a pretty good way to celebrate.

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