Airline leaves dozens stranded several days at Myrtle Beach airport

A Spirit jet at Myrtle Beach Airport. WBTW-TV photo

MYRTLE BEACH, SC — Dozens of Spirit Airlines customers were stranded in Myrtle Beach for days due to flight cancellations.

Travella Jimenez was on vacation in Myrtle Beach with her three children.

She says after being stuck at the beach an extra three days the trip was no longer a vacation.

“They’re (Spirit Airlines) not reimbursing you anything. They’re barely giving you any type of hotel assistance, food assistance it’s just horrible,” said Jimenez.

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For Jimenez the delays and cancellations became expensive, but for others it was a health concern.

“I have to have my medication on a daily basis and I’ll be stretching it today to get my medication,” said Richard Lorfing.

Lorfing says Spirit employees gave him no explanation why his flight was canceled a few minutes before boarding time.

He also says he was stuck on hold with Spirit customer service for 30 minutes before he gave up.

“I’m not a frequent flyer but I’ve never experienced anything like this,” said Lorfing.

Spirit’s website said flight delays were due to storms in other parts of the country, but the people WBTW spoke to were not flying to those areas.

Spirit pilots and employees also told WBTW they could not staff a flight crew.

The TV station called Spirit’s media line and officials said they were unable to staff some flights because the weather prevented flight crews from getting where they needed to go.

Spirit officials said the policy for handling cancellations is customers would have been booked on the next available Spirit flight; which in the cases for the people News 13 spoke to was not for days.

Because of the nature of these specific cancellations (crews not being available), Spirit officials said customers should have been able to book with other airlines, however the people News 13 spoke to said that was not an option for them.

As well refunds could have been offered, however the customers said the low fares they paid was not enough to get them home by other means.

Friday Myrtle Beach International’s website appeared to have no delays or cancellations posted for Spirit.

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