Town leaders seek $40 million in bonds from Chapel Hill voters

Franklin Street. File image from the Town of Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill leaders want voters to approve $40 million in bonds in order to fix up the town.

The most expensive bond is for streets and sidewalks.

Click here to read more about the bond projects (pdf document)

$16 million would go toward a number of projects… including those to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety.

In the latest community survey – traffic flow and congestion ranked number one in importance.

Trails and greenways would get $5 million  — to help pay for construction of trails.

Of the $40 million total, $8 million would go toward recreational facilities — which includes building a new parks and recreation administration building to replace an existing one… plus a new cultural arts building… and renovations to various parks.

Solid waste facilities would get a little more than $5 million to pay for construction of a transfer station on Millhouse Road… to cut down on costs of hauling waste to Durham.

Meanwhile, stormwater improvements – would get nearly $6 million.

In the community survey – stormwater runoff ranked as the most important maintenance service.

“We don’t need a tax increase to pay this future debt because the town segregates a portion of its annual budget, so it’s always committed to debt financing,” said Mark Kleinschmidt, the Chapel Hill mayor.

Each bond will be listed and voted on separately on the November 3rd ballot.

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